(Click on the Copywriting Examples folder on the left-hand side of the page to see selections of copywriting work).

So you're a large company or a sole trader, and you need some words for a brochure or a website. Or - come to that - a flyer, in-house publication, press release, or newspaper/magazine advertorial.

Well, I can help you. I can produce eye-catching copy that will get your company message across loud and clear to all your potential readers/customers. You tell me what you want - and I toddle off and produce it.

Simple, really.

I've worked on copy projects for Victoria Quarter in Leeds (the home of Harvey Nicks); designer furniture outlet Redbrick Mill (also in Leeds); Xscape extreme sports centres in Castleford, Milton Keynes and Braehead, Scotland; and QHotels (the national hotel chain).

I've written flyers for interior design firms and websites for popular restaurants. I've written copy for plush holiday destinations; I've produced reports for UK Trade and Investment (part of the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform); brochures for companies who make Roman blinds, and advertorials for everyone from Wrapit (the wedding list firm) to wine merchants.

Read the FAQ below to find out more.

Q: Help! I need some words for a brochure we're planning to post out to our clients.
A: Good, then. You've come to the right place.

Q: But - and here's the thing - my company makes undergarments for the larger lady. What do you know about that?
A: Um, not a huge amount, to be honest (no... really, I don't). But that's not the point. Because of my journalistic background, I'll make it my business to find out what you do and how you do it. By talking to you and asking relevant questions, I'll discover exactly what message you need to get across in your brochure.

Q: So what do you need from me?
A: A bit of your time. Frankly, we need to talk. For me to produce what you want, I'll need all the information you can give me. Essentially, I need to discover what the brief is: ie, what you want to say, and in how many words (roughly). I'll also need to find out how you want the brochure to sound: you know - upbeat, informal, matter-of-fact, jokey or deadly serious. I'll change my style to suit your requirements.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: Not as much as the large agencies, and possibly not as much as you might think. It depends on what you want to do, and on how many words you want your brochure to have. Tell me the kind of thing you're after, I'll give you a quote and if you're happy... well... that's kind of it. We'll take it from there.

Q: Will you get it right first time?
A: I might do. It has been known. But there will undoubtedly be things you'll want to change or add. So I'll produce a first draft for you to look over, and then I can get on with your amendments. I'll then send over a second draft. By third draft stage, we should be close to what you're looking for.

Q: Can you turn this brochure round for me in 24 hours?
A: Well, I could. But I'd rather not. I want to do a good job for you and that involves time and effort. And, besides, I'll probably be working on other projects; and sometimes my wife and children complain that they've forgotten what I look like. So it's good to give me some notice if you can.
But let me know your deadline and I will hit it. If I don't think I can hit it, I'll tell you from the outset rather than string you along through the project with tired old excuses (the dog ate it, the cat chewed through my computer cable, etc, etc. Although, actually, it did once).

Q: How can I see examples of your work?
A: Easy peasy (and lemon squeezy). On the left hand side of the page you'll see a folder called Copywriting Examples (highlighted in bold type). In it are some downloadable examples of work I've produced for various companies.

Q: Great. So what do we do now?
A: Well, email me at mail@tonygreenway.com, or ring me on 01904 488062, and let's arrange to have a chat. Got your diary handy?