I'm south London-born and York-based, and I've been a journalist since 1990.

I started my career at the Press Association, writing the words on TV pages for a raft of regional and national newspapers. Part of my job was to make film guides sound sexy - but then I switched to the Features Department where I interviewed celebrities such as Clive James, Joanna Lumley (that was a nice day), Tom Jones, Robson and Jerome (oh dear) and The Bald One From Casualty. It wasn't all non-stop glamour, though. There were soap guides to be done, too. By the time I left to set up my own feature-writing business (in 1993), I was Features Editor of PA's Howden-based TV division.

I've since written for everyone from The Daily Mirror, The Sunday Express, The Times and 25 Beautiful Homes to Total Film, Empire, House Beautiful, Artscene, Livewire, Yorkshire Life and UK Trade & Investment's inward investment website. I've written and edited supplements that have appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and City AM. Hey. I like the variety.

I'm also a magazine editor. I edited Leeds Life for two years and City magazine (published in Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester) and VQ magazine for nearly four. I edited Xscape Magazine, the publication for PY Gerbeau's UK-based extreme sports centres - the ones with the real snow slopes (I'd like to tell you I was perfect for this job because I'm also a champion snowboarder. But I'd be lying if I did). I was also the Editor of Northern, Northern Rail's passenger magazine, and, more recently, Delivered, DHL's global customer magazine.

Plus I work with PR companies to write and produce internal publications for big corporations. That means everyone from supermarkets and utilities companies to train operators and firms in the professional services industry.

And I'm a copywriter working with large and small companies who want to get their messages across to the public in advertorials, websites, flyers, brochures, press releases and even radio commercials. I deliver projects on time and on budget.